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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." 
- Dr. Seuss

Together, we can help gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth by supporting service providers that offer a welcoming and affirming environment for these young people, so that they can get the care they need and deserve.

Emergency Shelters, Transitional Living Programs, Drop-In Centers, Street Outreach Programs and Community Centers are just a few of the types of service providers working to help gay and transgender homeless youth overcome the obstacles standing between them and a healthy, happy and productive life. Unfortunately, because money and resources are often limited, the need for services provided by these organizations frequently exceeds their ability to provide them. We, the public, must help local providers so that they can continue to do the vital and important work in our communities to support America’s next generation.

Most importantly, we need to ensure that the service providers who offer a welcoming and affirming environment for these young people have the resources they need to serve those in need.

One of the challenges gay and transgender youth face is the lack of access to services that are equipped to work with them and understand their unique struggles. For example, when dealing with family and societal rejection around their sexual orientation or gender identity — the primary reason for homelessness among gay and transgender youth — these young people need, more than anything, to be welcomed, accepted and counseled by people who are trained and experienced to help them deal with the issues.

You can make a difference in these young peoples’ lives by supporting those who support gay and transgender homeless youth. Please search our Online Directory of welcoming and affirming service providers and reach out to them to find out how you can lend a hand.

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