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  • Study Gives Data and Clarity to the Effort to #EndYouthHomelessness

    Youth homelessness is often referred to as an “invisible issue.” Young people experiencing homelessness often don’t “appear” homeless, and few are quick to stand up and announce their housing status. In order to address youth homelessness, we need a clear …

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  • What Jesse Helt Can Teach Us About Homelessness


    By now, you’ve probably heard of Jesse Helt, the young man who accepted the 2014 Video Music Award (VMA) for Video of the Year on Miley Cyrus’s behalf, stating:

    “I am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 …

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  • Spotlight on One Heartland

    Those of us who went to camp in our youth understand that it’s more than just kickball and campfires, no matter how many s’mores one might have eaten (too many). Some of my fondest memories, and all of my best …

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