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  • True Youth Count Toolkit

    We all have a role in ending youth homelessness, and we can all take an active role in making sure all youth are counted! Youth are a unique group, with a particular set of experiences and survival strategies that require …

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  • Nashville’s Launch Pad for Street-Free Sleep

    Pam Sheffer is the Just Us Program Director at the Oasis Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She also spearheads Launch Pad. Our Community Organizing Intern Christa Price spoke with Pam about this initiative and the effect it’s having on the lives …

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  • Study Gives Data and Clarity to the Effort to #EndYouthHomelessness

    Youth homelessness is often referred to as an “invisible issue.” Young people experiencing homelessness often don’t “appear” homeless, and few are quick to stand up and announce their housing status. In order to address youth homelessness, we need a clear …

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