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  • Providing a “Bridge for Youth” in Minnesota

    Kristan Clow is the Youth and Community Outreach Manager at The Bridge for Youth, a Minneapolis-based organization that serves youth experiencing homelessness. Emily Dunn, our Program Associate, spoke with Kristan about the work The Bridge is doing for youth in …

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  • Protecting Youth in Our Nation’s Capital

    You may have heard the recent story about Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year old girl of transgender experience, who ended her life in December. In her suicide note (which she posted to Tumblr), Leelah said that her parents refused to accept …

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  • Join Us for a PIT Count Tweet-Up!

    Who? You!
    What? An online discussion on how you can make your youth count the best it can be!
    Where? Twitter!
    When? Tuesday, January 27 from 2pm – 3pm ET.
    How? Simply mention the hashtag #40toNone in your tweet to …

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