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Personal Story

Coming Out, Being Kicked out

The night I came out to my dad, (well actually my dad asked me), changed my life. One night in 2012 around Mother’s Day, my father came home from the bar, drunk as usual. He told me he wanted to ask me something. My nerves were on end, I knew it must have been important because we never talked much, but when we did it was always about something important. I was aware of what he was going to ask me. We met in the kitchen and he said, “I have something to ask you.” I nodded my head, as my palms started to sweat. He asked the question “Are you gay.”
At this point my nerves break. I am so nervous, but I respond, “Yes”. My father then proceeds to tell me that I should keep it a secret, for the safety of himself. The conversation then ends with him telling me he doesn’t want me living with him anymore. At sixteen, I became homeless for a night, the worst experience of my life. I was grateful enough to have a friend that eventually helped me along my journey. They let me live with their family. I am so grateful for this. But this kind of home family discrimination shouldn’t happen, but it does.
I encourage everyone to find a good support system, one that you can fall back on. I understand not everyone has a good support system, this is why our youth should get involved with their community and school clubs. These are great places to meet some amazing people.